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Requirements for drinking water grade polyaluminum chloride

September 20, 2017

Drinking water-based poly aluminum chloride requirements are relatively high content to reach 30% or higher, generally require white poly aluminum chloride.
Source wave licensing of aluminum chloride products meet the "drinking water health supervision and management approach" standard
★ ★ source wave licensing drinking water grade poly aluminum chloride product safety and health permit documents ★ ★:
First: the content of the difference is the first factor in the content, the ordinary industrial wastewater treatment requires about 26% of the content, as long as the role of flocculation and precipitation can be, and drinking water used in the poly aluminum chloride needs 30 % Or more or higher.
Second: the difference between insoluble substances, the former is not too high in the insoluble requirements, as long as the standard to achieve industrial wastewater can be, while the latter in the use of poly aluminum chloride when you need a relatively high drinking water standards, The requirements for insoluble matter are very high.
Third: the difference between heavy metal content, conventional industrial wastewater discharge standards for heavy metal content is not high, and drinking water using polyaluminum chloride on the heavy metal content has a clear requirement, so the production process will be very different.