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How to calculate the amount of molten iron?

September 20, 2017

Solid polymerization of ferric sulfate in the use of the process, even if we use the liquid polymerization of ferric sulfate, then we still have to prepare it into a dilute aqueous solution, this is an exception, when the raw water turbidity is very high can be directly The If you are using solid polymerized ferric sulfate, we should put it into 30 percent of the aqueous solution for dosing, and then according to the specific circumstances will be equipped with a good solution according to the best conditions and dosage, such a dosing Method we can make the polymerization of ferric sulfate to achieve the best flocculation effect. So how do we dilute the concentration of polyferric sulfate according to turbidity? Through the experiment, we get, generally turbid (turbidity of 100-500mg / L) of water, per ton of waste water using polyferric sulfate 30-50 kg, roughly the specific weight ratio of 1: 3.
Sewage treatment enterprises in the use of polyferric sulfate when the general will be diluted 2-5 times, and then put the treatment. According to the nature of the nature of the original water pollutants concentration, alum formation of the phenomenon of appropriate amount, basically can be done in the same water quality under the Department. The amount of polyferric sulfate used is substantially the same as that of the polyaluminum chloride, which is one-half to one-third of the amount of aluminum sulfate.
The general use of the preparation of the proportion of the liquid with the proportion of the general circumstances of the day with the manufacture of the same day, the transfer of drugs such as with tap water, a slight precipitation is a normal phenomenon.
Due to the different water quality of raw water, should be in accordance with the different environment, on-site debugging or flask coagulation experiments, to obtain the best application conditions and the best dosage to achieve the best treatment efficiency.
1. take a liter of raw water, the determination of its pH.
2. adjust the pH value of slightly alkaline.
3. with a syringe extraction with the manufacture of a good polymerization of ferric sulfate solution, in the strong mixing under the water samples, until almost a large number of alum formation, and then slowly mixing, indiscriminate precipitation precipitation environment. Write the amount of ferric sulfate added to determine the amount of polyferric sulfate used.
4. in accordance with the above-mentioned method, the waste water into a different pH value after the flask coagulation experiments to determine the best medication pH.
5. if conditions, do the difference between the mixing conditions to determine the best amount of mixed mixing conditions.
6. in accordance with the above steps to do the experiment, to determine the best dosage, coagulation and mixing conditions.