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Polymeric ferric sulfate(PFS) for water treatment

Name: Polymeric Ferric Sulfate,Poly Ferric Sulfate,Fe3+ Sulphate,Iron(Ⅲ) Sulfate,PFS for water treatment.Seagent

Molecular Formula: [Fe2(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2]m

Color: Yellow or Red Brown powder

Brand : YUANBO

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Certification: SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001

CAS NO: 10028-22-5

HS Code: 2833299090

Delivery time: 7~10 days

Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight

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Description: Polymeric ferric sulfate(PFS), light yellow powder,Red Brown powder,or Red Brown liquid, is a kind of inorganic high polymer flocculating agent, which has strong removal capacity for turbidity ,COD, BOD, heavy metal and etc, has good decolorizing effect, strong flocculation capability,  phosphorus removal, selenium removal, sludge thickening, struvite control and ordor control, and etc.

Package: Inner plastic film and outer plastic woven bag.25kg/bag ,500kg/bag, 1000kg/bag.

Storage: Products should be stored in the dry, ventilated and cool place inside the door for fear of damp. Don’t store them together with Corrosive and toxic goods.Shelf life of products is half one year.

Henan Yuanbo Environmental Technology Co., LTD.

Executive Standard GB14591-2006.




Yellow or Red Brown solid

Density(g/cm3. 20℃)


Entire Iron(mass fraction)


Reducing materical(count by Fe2+)




Water insoluble


PH value(1% water solution)


Action principle:
(1) Charge Neutralization: PFS has a strong charge neutralization effect on colloidal substances in water.
(2) Viaduct Adsorption: the hydrolysis of PFS has an excellent adsorption effect on suspended solids in water.
(3) Selective Adsorption: PFS has selective adsorption effect on dissolved substances.


1. purifying and clarifying Sewage, Industry and textile wastewater.
2. Wastewater phosphorus treatment.
3. Sludge thickening
4. Heavy metals removal
5. Struvite control and Ordor control
6. Used as inhibitor and oxigen in mine , solvent extraction.
7. Industry waste water treatment (such as the paper making waste water, the printing wastewater, the massacre waste water, the automobile manufacturing waste water, the beer factory waste water and so on).
8. Many kinds of industry circulating water treatment (ex, the make-up water of the high pressure boiler in the heat and power plant, the industry waste water in biochemical treating factory, the waste emulsifying solution, the opalescent solution and the oil waste water.  


How to use:

Dissolve the solid first, make it into 10% aqueous solution, then put the solution into wastewater or sludge.


Applicable scope and Reference Amount:


Reference dosage

Drinking Water


Industrial water


municipal wastewater


electroplating wastewater


Metallurgical ore dressing wastewater


Non-ferrous ore dressing wastewater


Iron and steel industry wastewater


Coal washing plant wastewater


Power plant waste water


Food industry wastewater


Machining emulsified oil wastewater


Chemical wastewater


Oilfield drilling wastewater


Dyeing Wastewater


Paint effluent


Washing waste water


Papermaking wastewater


Tannery wastewater


Sludge wastewater


PFS Advantages:
1. the effect of PFS is obviously better than aluminum sulfate, When the dosage is above 200*10-5.
2. In purifying, precipitating, dehydrating, deodorizing and other aspects, PFS works better.
3. Wide PH range (4~11) and wide water temperature range have no effect on PFS. Little causticity to the equipment.
4. Larger alum, and faster formation.
5. It will have less iron ion after purifying with PFS. and PFS is innoxious.
6. For COD, BOD, color and heavy metals in all kinds of wastewater, PFS has a better removal effect.
7. The flocculi (flocculating) body has a strong ability to combine with microorganism, so it has a good removal effect on plankton and other microorganisms.
8. Reducing the content of nitrate nitrogen and iron in water.
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