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Yellow industrial grade poly aluminum chloride(PAC) for water treatment

Name: Yellow powder industrial grade poly aluminum chloride for water treatment,PAC,polyaluminium chloride,Seagent

Molecular Formula[AL2(OH)nCL6-n]m

Place of origin: China

Brand :  YUANBO

Certification: SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001

CAS No.: 1327-41-9

HS Code: 28273200

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Delivery tiem: 7-10 days

Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight 

Packing: Inner plastic film and outer plastic woven bag.25kg/bag,500kg/bag,1000kg/bag.

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Product Feature:
1. Flocculation fast, better active, better filterability.
2. It’s no need to add alkaline additives, in case of deliquescence, the effect is unchanged.
3. Adapt to a wide range of PH value, and wide range of uses.
4. After treated with PAC,there is little salt.
5. Can remove heavy metals and radioactive substances on water pollution.
6. The contents of effective ingredients are high, and easy to storage transportation.




Name of Indicator National Standard Company Standard
Al2O3 (mass fraction %) --- 25%,26%,28%,30%,
basicity% 40-90 80.6
Water insoluble,% ≤1.0 0.6
PH value(10g/L solution) 3.5-5.0 4.2
As (mass fraction %) ≤0.001 0.0005
Pb (mass fraction %) ≤0.001 0.0006
Cd (mass fraction %) ≤0.0005 0.00006
Ag (mass fraction %) ≤0.005 0.00002
Hg (mass fraction %) ≤0.0002 0.0001
Se (mass fraction %) ≤0.001 0.0004
Cr6+ (mass fraction %) ≤0.005 0.003

Henan Yuanbo Environmental Technology Co., LTD.

   Henan Yuanbo Environmental Technology Co., LTD.


1.Water supply and drainage purification in cities: river water, reservoir water, groundwater.

2.Water purification of industrial water supply.

3.Urban sewage treatment.

4.The recycling of useful substances in industrial waste water and waste residue, the settlement of coal powder in coal washing wastewater, and the recovery of starch in starch manufacturing industry.

5. all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, fluoride wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, papermaking wastewater, coal washing waste water, mine waste water, brewery wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, meat processing wastewater and sewage treatment.

6.Used for paper Sizing.

7.Refined sugar solution.

8.For casting industry.

9. Used for resisting creases.

10.Catalyst carrier.

11.Pharmaceutical refining

12.Helpful for cement rapid-hardening.

13.It is the raw material for cosmetics.


Applicable scope and Reference Amount:

Application Kg/1000 MT Application Kg/1000 MT
Domestic Water 2.5~25 Industrial waste water 2.5~25
Urban Sewage 25~50 Electroplating waste water 20~100
Metallurgical waste water 20~150 Papermaking waste water 50~300
Printing and Dyeing wastewater 100~300 Dye waste water 100~300
Paiting waste water 100~300 Tanning waste water 100~300
Food waste water 50~150 Chemical industrial waste water 50~100
Emulsified waste water 50~200 Coal washing waste water 30~100

How to use:

In order to achieve the best flocculation effect and economic benefits, the user can determine the optimal dosage per kiloton of source water according to different source water turbidity, different seasons and different reaction conditions. When used, the liquid product is formulated as a 10-15% aqueous solution, and the solid product is formulated as a 3-5% aqueous solution (calculated on a commercial basis).



1.High turbidity water purification is especially noticeable

2.There is no need to add alkaline additives or other flocculants

3.The formation of pods is fast and large,easy to precipitate.

4.Wide range of PH values,overdosing will not produce side effects,higher water satety.

5.Low corrosiveness,reduced labor intensity.

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