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The difference between polyferric sulfate and ferric sulfate

May 10, 2018

Polymeric ferric sulfate is a new type of polymer coagulant for water treatment, by using ferrous sulfate and sulfuric acid as main raw materials, the coagulation effect of polyferric sulfate in all kinds of wastewater is superior to that of other coagulant, and its treatment effect on phosphorus removal, sulfur removal, bleaching and removal of SS and cod in wastewater is very good, is widely used in all kinds of wastewater coagulation treatment. Ferric sulfate can also be used in water treatment, but it is more used in medicine and industrial fertilizers. So what is the difference between ferric sulfate and polyferric sulfate?

Both polymeric ferric sulfate and ferric sulfate are inorganic. All contain trivalent iron ions, but the polyferric sulfate is a macromolecule polymer, and the ferric sulfate is a low molecular inorganic. So the effect of the chemical reaction will be different.
Polymeric ferric sulfate is a high polymer, and the hydrolysis produces long chain-like colloid, which has strong adsorption force and sedimentation net trapping effect. The single molecule ferric sulfate has a relatively poor ability to adsorb one molecule colloid. This is one reason why it is not commonly used in sewage treatment.

The difference of physicochemical properties

Ferrous sulfate and air reaction will produce ferric sulphate, and polyferric sulfate is also produced by ferrous sulfate (ferrous sulfate), but its physicochemical properties are very different. If the relative density of ferric sulfate is 2.1, the melting point is 175 ℃, and the density of polymerized ferric sulfate is 2.44, the melting point is 190 ℃. From the outward appearance, the ferric sulfate is a grayish white powder or orthogonal prism crystalline flow light yellow powder. The polymeric ferric sulfate is yellow or reddish-brown amorphous powder or granular solid. In addition, their respective proportion, ph value, total iron content and so on are different.

Differences in use

Ferric sulfate is used as an analytical agent or catalyst, a mordant, etc. The polymeric sulfuric acid Tietie is used as coagulant in the process of physicochemical coagulation and sedimentation of sewage. In addition, ferric sulfate is relatively low in price cost, because polyferric sulfate is a macromolecule polymer, but the free trivalent iron formed by ferric sulfate is more than that of ferric sulfate, which is relatively corrosive.

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