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National Standard GB/T 22627-2008 of Polymeric Aluminum Chloride PAC

April 10, 2018

A lot of sewage treatment industry is not particularly familiar with the national standard of Polyaluminum chloride PAC, which is used frequently in our daily life, as a professional polymeric aluminum chloride PAC provider to discuss some common problems with the national standards for Polyaluminum Chloride PAC, and to start with the two most important indices for polyaluminum chloride, Alumina content and heavy metal content two indicators:

Content standard: Here said the content of the standard, refers to the Poly aluminum chloride and PAC alumina content standards, after laboratory testing, can be divided into three grades, a grade is 26 national standards, a grade is 28 national standards, the last grade is the content of 30 national standards. After laboratory testing, as long as the standard can be said to meet the content standards.

The Standard of heavy mental content: For the heavy mental content, there has a very clearly standard in national standard. The heavy mental content need less than 0.1% for sewage treatment and less than 0.004% for drinking water.

In the process of selecting high quality polyaluminum chloride, the content of alumina is very important in industrial sewage. The high content of polyaluminum chloride is relatively less, but the selection process can not ignore the content of heavy metals. Why the price of poly aluminum chloride circulated in the market is not very different, and the same alumina content price difference is so large that this is the reason that rough making is the most prominent problem in the industry, and perhaps the water treatment industry should carry out big shuffling.

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